Nyasha L. Page Stylist

Monday, May 17, 2010


WOW. today I truly made it the best day ever!! I planted a seed of education, love, and patience into the minds of my students today. We read a story called "Alexander and his Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day" and guess what this book ended as a Terrible, Horrible, No Good Day. No moral really, therefore i added my twist! we shared K.I.M stories on how we had Terrible, Horrible, No Good Days, and I couldn't believe some of the stories and situations these children encounter due to us. Our actions they endure to. A car accident, no power, eviction, heart aches, and dare to imagine what other stories these children shared. However we all have to K.I.M. ~ KEEP IT MOVING.. There's going to be bad days where everything seems to go wrong and nothing goes your way. There are going to be assignments and jobs we will have to do to get the job done! There will be people we have to work with and learn from who we may not like or get along with. Still in all, you have to K.I.M~KEEP IT MOVING

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