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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Sexxy Attitude!

Carrie or Samantha? Which attitude describes you best? Our local Charlotte Morning show personality asked all the female listeners. The majority of the women callers said they identified more with Sexxy Samantha's character. There was even one woman who sounded kind of shy and afraid to admit that her personality and attitude could be best described through Samantha's Sexy schemes on the various men she dates. Samantha's character is definitely not afraid to love'em and leave them, if you know what I mean?
The Morning show host, jokingly said, "So you like to get it in..huh?" and the lady got slightly offended and stated, "Don't even go there..., on the radio like that!" and repeated it like twice to really show she's serious...lol...that was so funny to me, she was acting ashamed? Samantha would never openly admit shame or guilt and besides this caller had all the listeners support! Clearly, she had to have! Every lady caller this morning voted they were either Samantha or Carrie, and they had or wished to be a little or a lot sexier for their mate. However, this caller couldn't confidently claim that character or attitude associated with that character.
Then there was Carrie, the center of it all, a true showstopper. She is the successful one, the highly fashionable one. She's simply the star of the show! Toggling two loves, while her biological clock keeps ticking.
Both ladies symbolizes success, strength, confidence, and style. Everything we ladies love to be. But I couldn't help to wanna call in and tell the world, I was not ashamed to want to be more like Charlotte or Miranda's character, and I wished my attitude was more like one of them. Those are the real sexy stars in my eyes. To me these ladies truly have it all.
On top of style, they have families, children, and true supportive love. Stable relationships! They symbolize the real root of a strong tree to me. They seem to have been the type of friends you need in your circle, the kind you can count on to be consistently there for you no matter what. Plus genuinely happy for all your success, and the type of friend to go through the rough times with you during the trials of life.
Charlotte's attitude is always positive, unless you cross her family or friends. She's very comfortable and happy with loving one man. Totally focus on building a family of her own, and getting her highs from, running and staying healthy--working out! Miranda, married and happy mother as well, has a stable law career and is focused on loving her family, and being a good overall women and friend.

I know the majority voted them boring, but I'm not ashamed to want to be more like Charlotte. Now that's the sexy attitude I like, the one that evolves into a %100 percent women! Content on Gods true gifts. The gift of love, children, family, and friendship worth more than any couture gown, designer shoes, bags, houses or any diamonds! Love Family and Friends and always be positive! that will always be my SEXXY attitude out of them all, I encourage you to dress yourself in it every day...


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