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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Flying the coop

Instantly I felt a rush of energy and love as soon as I was greeted in the room. This evening is gonna be electric I can feel it! Charlotte Hornets NBA host and my sister in Christ, Mrs Jacinda Jacobs, greeted everyone with a big warm smile and hug! Although she's one of the guest speakers tonight, it's like she has this magnetic appeal that makes everyone feel like family; I felt instantly at peace! Then I turned around and it was my dear
childhood friend turned WBTV anchor/ crime reporter, Ms. Sarah Bautista! If she was nervous I couldn't tell, she was welcoming guest, keeping role, setting up guest speakers, evening sponsors, but yet in still, had time to come over to me and tell me how proud she was of my growing hair business...and hearing those words come out of her mouth meant so much to me! Now the host of the evening, Sarah Bautista, I've known her for over 20 years, and even in high school I knew my girl was destined for greatness! Today I got to witness people of all nationalities and career backgrounds come together and share their coop flying testimonials and thank my girl Sarah for creating this workshop, everyone was so genuine you could feel the positive vibes all around you. We were so happy she flew the coop, such a courageous story everyone shared. Since I'm all for someone realizing they have a purpose,  I think that  having a purpose in this world is exactly what living is all about, and with the help of God I pray we all find it and use that gift. That was exactly what this night was all about. There were all types of she flew the coop stories that was shared for instance the lady who is debt free and sacrificed luxury living for a 28 ft home--The Tiny homeowner! With SVP of Wachovia who quit corporate America to travel the world--definately a must hear story, and my girl, Media Mogul, Jacinda who I personally worked with in the radio /media industry and didn't know my friend \ coworker was miserable and wanted to fly the coop! I wish I knew then, but so happy she's living her calling! I learned a lot tonight, so much so that I'm continuing my purpose and adding blogging; hopefully one day author to my many growing God giving gifts!

I would highly recommend this event to any body young, old, skinny, fat, black, white; whatever to come out to one of Sarah Bautista's workshops extremely helpful and worth every penny!

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